A new website for a new century

Now that the first hundred years have passed on the Family Society. I thought it was important that we have a website the doesn’t look like it was made in 1913. Not only is the new site easier on the eyes, but it’s much easier to maintain and to post new items. This means you can expect more frequent updating and more Cantor family news, so check back often! I’m still working on migrating some of the old stuff (I’m sure you’re all dying to check out past meeting minutes) but most of the good things are there.

See you at Ben’s in the fall!

ICFS in the Jewish Daily Forward

Florence Hornick at the 100th Anniversary

Florence Hornick at the 100th Anniversary/Photo by Johnna Kaplan

The JEWISH DAILY FORWARD website today has a wonderful and heartwarming story about the 100th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society. The newspaper had sent a reporter who interviewed various members and observed the shenanigans on Saturday.

Shouts-out to Florence, Sandy, Mikhail, Dan, Libby, John, and Tess for giving such pithy and cool quotes.


Fall 2013 Meeting

The next meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society is Sunday,  November 3, 2013 at Ben’s Deli, 1 pm for lunch, 2 pm for meeting.

Ben’s is at
209 W. 38th St.

Cantors afloat at the ICFS 95th Anniversary


The 95th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society was held on the S.S. Cabaret on a spectacularly beautiful fall Sunday. The boat left Pier 81 for a brunch cruise that sailed down the Hudson River around the tip of Manhattan and up the East River to the United Nations providing us with amazing views of the three major bridges, the “Waterfalls” art installation, the Brooklyn waterfront, Governor’s Island, and, of course, close-ups of Ellis Island, where our ancestors landed.

The Society thanks Larry Becker, Phil Cantor, Ron Jordan, and Madeline Cantor for their hard work in putting the trip together and to making it a success. The 95th Anniversary will be difficult to top… the planners of the 100th have their hands full to top this incredible afternoon.

Keep reading to see lots of photos and read reports from three members.
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Casino Night


Family Society’s First Casino Night Is A Huge Success!

November 11, 2007 was not only the 98th anniversary of the World War I armistice, but also the first Israel Cantor Family Society Casino Night. It was held at the Hornick-Becker household in Brooklyn , and was a popular event. There was some kind of meeting beforehand, at which cemetery plots and the 95th anniversary weekend were discussed, but all of that was just a preface to the rampant gambling that went on in the basement later.

The shenanigans began with a pre-recorded horse race by Larry Becker. Participants chose from a list of horses, and listened to a race between supposed thoroughbreds named: Fivel Cantor Goes West, Matzoh Ball Kid, Brittney Shmears, Is There A Doctor In The House For My Daughta?, Kutshers Again, and Pastrami Platter. After a neck-and-neck race, the winner was…Kutshers Again! Those who chose the right horse started out with one extra chip. It was a great way to start the afternoon.

Aaron Hornick controlled the poker table.

Aaron Hornick controlled the poker table.

Larry Becker ran the blackjack game

Larry Becker ran the blackjack game.

After the horse race, everyone convened in the basement, where the croupiers wore the standard green clear plastic visors and vests with bowties. Suddenly, family ties meant nothing. Third cousins were challenging each other at the roulette table, husbands and wives were sworn enemies at the blackjack table, and parents and children bluffed at the Texas Hold ‘Em poker table. After two hours of reckless gambling, players cashed in their winnings for raffle tickets, which were redeemed for prizes: t-shirts with Cantor family wisdom on the back (see below). Eli Markham-Cantor and David Berman were among the highest winners, making their fortunes at the poker and roulette tables respectively.

Darryl Hornick-Becker was croupier at the roulette wheel.

Darryl Hornick-Becker was croupier at the roulette wheel.

Eli Markham-Cantor counted his chips before redeeming them.

Eli Markham-Cantor counted his chips before redeeming them.

It was a fabulous event and all had a great time throwing their inhibitions to the wind. Audrey and Daryl Hornick-Becker and Aaron and Meredith Hornick did a fantastic job organizing. And, a big thank you to Amy Hornick and Larry Becker, Linda and Sandy Hornick for their great efforts in making the meeting a success. There is a movement to make this an annual event. Place your bets!

Audrey Hornick-Becker presented the winning t-shirts.

The winners received the above t-shirt with the following legend on the back:

What Happens Here Stays Here…
And has to be argued about for five hours
But can’t get voted on till the next meeting
Where one person will take control of the society
And someone throws a chair
And all the pastrami is gone
And one word:

— as observed by Tess Liebersohn, Philadelphia.