Minutes from the 10/25/20 Meeting

Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting ready to have a lively debate! These are the minutes from last fall’s meeting, which we just corrected and approved at the most recent one.


Spring 2021 Virtual Meeting – May 2

The ICFS is back this spring with a virtual meeting on Sunday, May 2, 2021 from 4–6pm. A Zoom link will be sent out via e-mail ahead of the meeting.

Since we can’t get to Ben’s Deli, this meeting is BYOP (bring your own pastrami)


Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting – 10/25

Greetings again, ICFS cousins and Happy Succoth, everybody.

The Fall Meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society ON ZOOM is coming up on SundayOctober 25th at 4 pmBrooklyn Larry is urging you STRONGLY (if you know what’s good for you) to Zoom with us on Oct 25.

Some details:

  1. If you would like some help working with Zoom, send an email to and we’ll walk you through it.  
  2. What would you like to know about the Society, what subjects would you like to cover, what networking would you like to do? Please send your ideas no later than October 11th to
  3. Also, we are looking for historical photographs of Society events. Do you have any photos from the reunions, meetings, or parties? We’d especially like to see photos from the early days. Do a little research, scan the photos (Staples can do scanning), or take a digital photograph of the picture, and send to no later than October 11th
  4. PLEASE Tell your siblings, children, and parents about the Zoom meeting, ’cause we don’t have everyone’s email!. 

As we get closer to the meeting, we will send you an email with the Zoom link.  On the day and at the time of the meeting, just click on the link.

Put Sunday, October 25th at 4pm EDT on your calendar now, and join in with your family.
Watch your email for more details, Zoom information, and meeting link.

Your cuz,
Phil Cantor


Fall 2019 Meeting @ Ben’s Deli 10/27

Dear ICFS Member,
The leaves are falling, apples are in the farmers’ market, and pastrami is in the air. We’ll be talking about our recent 106th Anniversary held this past June 2nd at Belmont Race Track.

The fall meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society will be held on 
Sunday, October 27, 2019 at Ben’s Deli (209 W. 38th Street – Manhattan) Lunch at 1 pm. Meeting starts at 2 pm. $10 per person… the Society picks up the rest of the bill.

Please RSVP,
Cousin Phil


Family Society Picnic – CANCELLED

Greetings cousins,

We hope that everyone is OK in this topsy-turvy time. Our thoughts go out to anyone effected by this terrible pandemic. 

The Family Society was planning a big picnic for May 31, 2020, but unfortunately gatherings are prohibited and we have to cancel the event. We will most certainly reschedule the event for next year in 2021.

Our fall membership meeting will be on Sunday, October 25, 2020, 1 pm at Ben’s Deli in New York City. 

Stay safe,
Phil Cantor 


Family Society Spring 2020 Picnic

UPDATE 5/24: The spring picnic has been cancelled due to COVID-19. See you (hopefully) in the fall!

Hi Cousins,

We hope that everyone is OK during this extraordinary and distressing time. As a Family Society, staying in touch with our far-flung cousins is a way to keep connected. Hopefully we will be able to return to some type of normalcy sooner than later.

We are monitoring the situation and we are still hoping to have our Spring Picnic at Eagle Rock Reservation in New Jersey on Sunday, May 31. As we get a little closer we will, of course, let you know.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone in person soon.
Stay healthy and safe.  

Barbara Greene
Larry Becker
Phil Cantor


Where We Going? Spring 2020 Meeting 5/31

Dear Cantor Family member, 

Yes, it is me, Larry, again. Perhaps you didn’t make it to the spring event at Belmont Park last June? Had other plans?  Didn’t care for horse racing ?  Live too far from Belmont Park?  Whatever the reason, we understand. But, you missed a splendid time and we want to make sure you don’t miss out again.  We have started planning our next event for May 2020.

Now, we could return to Belmont once again.  But the Cantor tradition demands we spend time debating what to do and where to do it… That’s what we do. So here’s the thing: 

  1. We could return to  the Belmont park picnic area where we could watch the horses run, drink (us, not the horses), bet, kibbitz, cook out and eat.
  2. We could have an old fashioned Cantor family picnic at South Mountain Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey. We can play softball, visit the park zoo, bbq, drink, kibbitz, and eat.
  3. Or, we could go bowling in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, wear different shoes, drink, kibbitz and eat. (I assume you noticed a common theme here). 

But we want YOU to have a say in what we do.  
The date is Sunday, May 31, 2020.  Let us hear from you.  
respond and tell us if you would prefer to:

  1. SPARE no expense and go bowling (get it? SPARE no expense?) 
  2. Stay on the RESERVATION and have a get together at South Mountain (get it? SOUTH MOUNTAIN RESERVATION?)
  3. Or, we can WIN at the PLACE we SHOWED up at last year, beautiful Belmont Park (get it? WIN PLACE AND SHOW are racing terms… Oh never mind). 

Let us know.  Save the date, Sunday, May 31, 2020. Tell us where you would like to spend that day with us. Will it be the track, the reservation or bowling?  We need everyone to chime in. But remember, wherever most of us decide to spend the day, it will be a great day ’cause we will be together once again, griping, kibitzing, complaining and eating.

And of course you haven’t heard the last from me.

Cantor Strong,
Larry Becker (Amy Hornick’s husband)



Hello! Yes I mean you, Mr. or Ms. Cantor Family member.

You probably don’t know me. We both probably have not gone to many family society meetings. Too much to do, people you don’t know. Maybe you don’t have that much interest anymore. We are the oldest chartered family society in New York State. That should mean something. The question for all of us, myself included, is whether it still means enough to keep the society going. At the last meeting people actually talked about whether they should just give up trying to keep the Society going. And yet…..

We are the oldest chartered family society in NY state!

If we can keep it going, no other family society will be able to make that claim!

So I am emailing all of you, to persuade you to come to our next event where we are planning something different: The Cantors are going to hold our 2019 spring event on June 2nd at Belmont Park on Long Island, one of the most famous horse racing tracks in the country. We’ll get to see each other, renew friendships, meet new cousins, and of course do what we do best—eat, talk and have fun. We may even have a race named in our honor (oh, yes we may!). We may get a tour of the paddock area where you can see the horses before the race (oh, yes we may!). 

We will have a special picnic area just for us at the Top of the Stretch, right next to the track. We will picnic, grill (our own food, including Kosher), eat, drink (including our own beer and wine), and adults can gamble on the races. Even if you don’t want to bet, come watch the races. Just by coming out for the day you’ll be a winner!

There is a playground for the kids and you can see the horses before they go out to the track.  So this is definitely a kid-friendly event. They will get a kick when they see the horses start to CANTOR around. (I know you were thinking about that pun…)

The date: Sunday June 2, 2019. 
The time:  Noon to 5. (The races start at 1 PM.)
The location: Belmont is located on the Queens–Nassau border at 2150 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003. 

Check your email and click on the link to tell me if you are thinking of going. No commitment yet. If you need more information tell me that also. Please tell me as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday, March 31, 2019.  I plan to NAG (get it?!) you several times about this.

You can do this. I can do this. We can do this. We only get together twice a year. If we can get more people to come, we can have a fall event that you can help with and then maybe another spring meeting and then…….
But wait. One step at a time. I will be in touch. But make a plan to be there. One Sunday in June is all it takes to keep us going. Come on.

Your not so distant relative,
Lawrence “Seabiscuit” Becker (Amy Hornick’s husband!)
ICFS spring event committee



ICFS Meeting Minutes: 11/18/2018

ICFS Fall Meeting
11/18/18 - Home of Linda & Sandy Hornick
2:42 PM
Minutes submitted by Daryl Hornick-Becker

In Attendance
Phil Cantor
Dan Cantor
Sandy Hornick
Linda Hornick
Meredith Hornick
Larry Becker
Amy Hornick
Daryl Hornick-Becker
David Berman
Sara Berman
Stanley Gilman
Sheila Gilman
Mitchell Greene
Barbara Greene
Ron Jordan
Ken Wachtel

-Phil Cantor calls to order the fall meeting of the ICFS.
 -requests the minutes from the last meeting
 -Kenny did not take the minutes at the last meeting, not sure who did
 -there was no quorum at the last meeting
Financial Report
-Phil reports that there is $11,829.54 in the current bank account
 -$29,045.07 in the money market mutual fund
Motion: Phil moves that David Berman looks into the investment fund and report back to the treasurer on if the funds should be moved or invested differently
Second: Stanley
Ayes are unanimous

Hospitality Report
-Phil reports that Florence Hornick, our most senior member, passed at the end of May
 -In Remembrance of Florence, Linda Hornick yelled “EAT”
 -Ron said Florence loved everyone of us equally
 -A moment of silence was observed
-Ron reports that last November Wendy needed a bone marrow transplant, she had it on Dec 6th of last year
-After chemotherapy and a month in the hospital and 3 at home, she has is now totally cancer-free
-Barbara reports that Jaime Feld had her 3rd baby, Chloe Alexandra
-Sandy reports that Aaron Hornick had his second baby in February, Maya Isabelle
 -also that Jonathan Hornick got married in May
-Ron reports that Julie Cantor, daughter of Scott Cantor, is getting married today

Old Business
-Sandy reports on previous meeting at Citi Field, where the Mets beat the Yankees
 -26-28 people were in attendance
 -including Mark Wachtel, Greg Pomerantz
-The society extends its thanks to Sandy for organizing
-Ron asks how does the society improve its membership?
-The floor is open for discussion 

New Business
Ron: ICFS structures may need to change to fit modern times
-phone conferences, skype meetings, all work well in business
-we have members all over the globe, this could help include them
-helps keep the society open and flexible to retain and attract new members
Mitch: our growth is miniscule, we need changes
-maybe only 1 business meeting and 1 social event a year
Phil: the baseball game was an attempt and it was very hard to get more people to come
 -these meetings are always the same people
 -social events are very expensive
 -$2,000 was spent on 26 people for the Mets game
 -cost was $135 a person and ICFS subsidized $85 of the cost
 -social events are easier said than done
Mitch: but who is going to be here in 10 years?
 -we have no 5 year plan, no 1 year plan
Phil: needs someone to take over due collection
 -Ron also needs someone to take over cemetery duties
Sandy: this still doesn’t solve our existential issues
Amy: My kids don’t come to the meetings because of certain rules
Sandy: Issue is the non-jewish members rule
Ron: but they can be members
Sandy: but they can’t vote
Danny: is there a reason to think the younger generation doesn’t have an investment? Is there a  reason to disband?
Phil: But it's more complicated than that because we have money and own real estate
 -for example, in order to give NJ permission to open grave sites, written permission has  to come from society
 -it should be noted that the 2 other members of the cemetery committee are Sandy and  David
Kenny: the $2000 we spent on last meeting isn’t that bad
 -call us up if the officers need any help
Barbara: Still doesn’t solve issue of getting young people to come
Ron: going back to cemetery duties, my direct family is not buried in ICFS plots
 -my other family society, the Jordans, interacts mostly online
 -except when someone dies and we have to sign written permission
 -there isn’t the sense of camaraderie in my other family
 -its my job, as the cemetery chair, to take some of the stress out of the funeral process
 -the point is, everyone should express to their individual families their concerns
Mitch: what if we sent out a questionnaire asking what changes will make you come to   meetings?
Danny: I think the baseball game worked, maybe we just go with social events
 -our annual thing could be a social event every year
Larry: likes social idea, and then maybe a conference call for business items
Phil: ok so maybe a social event, but who organizes?
Larry: we could do a trip to Belmont racetrack, I’m willing to plan it
Kenny: conference calls and internet meetings only take you so far
 -its no replacement for being together
David: if we keep doing a big event every five years, people outside NY will come
Barbara: could we try a skype meeting?
Danny: maybe a skype call 2 months before the spring outing at Belmont
Mitch: maybe more email blasts more often to keep people informed
Larry: that can be our goal for June (the racetrack outing)
Danny: or maybe another baseball game
 -by the way 20% of our members are in this room
 -our focus should be on young people not out of town members
Ron: our social events in past have been good
 -our eye should be on the five-year event
 -those work for improving participation
Phil: whatever we do at Belmont needs to include kosher food
Larry: outside belmont you can picnic and bring your own food
Phil: Kosher food won’t determine whether we have an event
 -we still need to settle issue of financial dues, secretary, cemetery duties, and website
 -to collect dues we have to send invoices, some people don’t use internet
Ron: nobody wants the cemetery job, but I can teach it
 -you have to be ready to get a call from a grieving member
 -then verify they’re a member, negotiate dues if they owe
 -get in touch with funeral director and cemetery
 -send a fax for permission to open gravesite
 -maintain maps of gravesites
Phil: we also need a family member willing to work on the website
 -we have nothing to spend on that

Action Items
Ron will bring Sandy up to speed on cemetery duties
Larry is going to organize a Spring/Summer outing at Belmont racetrack
Mitch will talk to Josh about working on the website

Phil: Anymore issues on existence?
Larry: We need to give people a little feel of what the society is and what its for
Ron: when you are in your 20s it's your job to go to social events
 -its only after your 30s and starting a family that you begin to take on duties
 -everyone needs to talk to their younger members about taking initiative
 -especially those in 30s or 40s

Motion: Danny moves to adjourn meeting
Second: Larry
Ayes are unanimous

Meeting is adjourned at 4:09 PM

ICFS Meeting Rescheduled – 11/18

We are postponing the October 28 ICFS meeting due to too few RSVPs.

The fall meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society has been rescheduled for Sandy Hornick’s house in Brooklyn.

Sunday, November 18 at 1pm
142 Park Pl, Park Slope, Brooklyn