ICFS Meeting Minutes: 10/26/2014

ICFS minutes Sunday Oct 26, 2014

Attendees Ron Jordan, Jeri Bylus, Bob Bylus, Betsy Bylus,  Phil Cantor, Marc Hornick, Rosalyn Davidoff, Barbara Greene, Mitchell Greene, Dottie Cantor, Steve Cantor, Kenny Wachtell, Florence Hornick and caregiver, Sandy Hornick, Linda hornick, Aaron Hornick

Aaron Hornick was selected to chair the meeting.

Previous meetings minutes were unavailable.   .

Barbara Greene announced:
   …birth of grandaughter Molly Lloyd to Traci and avi Lloyd, Aug 22, 2014, 7 lb 15 oz.
   …Jaimi and Dovid Feld are expecting a baby in December.
Ron Jordan announced the passing of his father, Lou Jordan, on July 3, 2014,one 
     week before his 90th birthday.  The members observed a minute of silence .
Marc Hornick announced Florence Hornick’s continuing recovery from a broken hip,
     sustained in March, 2014.

Treasurer’s report was unavailable. It was estimated that the checking account has approximately $6000. 

Cemetery issues: addressed by Ron Jordan.
    Beth Israel Cemetery foresters requested (ICFS procure) a permit to engrave the stone 
        for George (Forster)
    Mt. Judah Cemetery stones are damaged:  William and Rose Cantor stone is either 
         down or leaning. This would primarily be the responsibility of his nearest 
         descendant. Steve Cantor appears to be nearest relative who is a member.
         Expected cost $300.   
    Ron informed members: 
       The cemetery is responsible for perpetual care but not for repairing stones.
       Also a paving stone or short concrete sidewalk in front of two pylons serving as a 
       side gate to the ICFS plot has been heaved up (possibly by frost or root growth).  
        Resetting or  removal of the sidewalk was discussed. A motion was made to 
        authorize ICFS cemetery representatives to discuss with cemetery the possibility of 
        resetting the stone and possibly authorize the representatives to have the work done 
        for up to $1000.
        Objections were made by 2 members to authorizing such a cost, and Sandy Hornick
        questioned whether the paving stone / concrete was necessary at all since the gate     
        leads only to unpaved grassy area. He suggested we might just have the stone /  
        concrete removed.  Ken Wachtell volunteered to find out what cemetery would do to 
        correct the situation and what it can do for up to $1000.  
        By a vote of 9 -2 it was approved to investigate the cost of the cemetery fixing the 
        problem – up to $1000. Upon investigation, Ken Wachtell or ICFS cemetery 
        representatives will report findings to ICFS.

 New business.
     New members, Ben and Betsy Bylus of New Canaan and Jeri Bylus of Manhattan?
     were admitted as social members. Discussion accompanying the admission   
     determined that Ben Bylus is the grandson of Benjamin Cantor, who was a son of 
     Israel Cantor. And who owned a candy shop. Siblings of Benjamin Cantor were
     identified as Sol, Moe and Molly.
     Recent new member Steven Cantor, who joined ICFS at 100th anniversary meeting in
     June, 2014, identified himself as son of Arthur, who was the son of William Cantor.

Members discussed a date and venue for the next meeting.  Date: May 3, 2015. 
    ICFS will try to arrange the meeting to be on Ellis Island. Ben Bylus volunteered 
    to inquire about facilities to hold meeting on Ellis Island. Members asked that 
    bathroom and meeting room facilities availibility be ascertained, that a caterer should 
    be inquired about for provision of food for $25 - $30 per person, for  20 – 50 people. 
    Alternate date for next meeting would be May 17.
 Ken Wachtell reported that he has been placing 11 American flags on the cemetery 
    at the graves of ICFS war veterans.  Ken proposed that the society contribute $18 to
    Jewish War Veterans, as this type of charitable contribution was very commonly done 
    by ICFS.  Phil Cantor objected that the administrative duties of such a contribution 
    would devolve to him.  No vote was taken on tis proposal.

 Mitchell Greene suggested that we have a mid summer gathering for some social
     activity such as volley ball.  No vote was taken on this proposal.

 Marc Hornick suggested that we try to plan the October, 2015 meeting as an apple 
     picking outing – as Sandy, Linda and Aaron Hornick reported this being a   
     pleasant tradition of theirs.  Sandy Hornick will look into a place for this to occur.
     Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, Ct. and probable facility Harvest Moon Orchard   
     on Hardscrabble Road in Westchester were suggested for this purpose.

 Meeting was adjourned.