ICFS Meeting Minutes: 5/3/15

ICFS Meeting

2:25 PM 5/3/15

Checking account as of 3/31
8739.80 0% interest

Investment account
$16,000 bond 4%
Mutual fund $1763.23
$6,000 mutual fund (6068.83)
$26,580 total as of 3/31

Oldest member present—Arthur Epstein, 89
Youngest—Leon, 5 months

Motion by Scott to take 3,000 from checking account and reinvest it in Wells Fargo account or other vehicle

Previous minutes (first to be received electronically)
Meeting of October 26th
Repair mentioned has been made
Correction to minutes
Names are Ben Bilas and Bob Jordan
Minutes accepted

Members: nothing heard from Daniel Forster
Aaron Kanafa has been removed, his family was not paying dues

Cemetery report:
Ron will check out Beth Israel concrete situation, has not acted due to father’s burial

K. Wachtel will be planting Memorial Day flags at cemetery, 4 PM 5/26

Ron will contact Mt. Judah about replacing Steven Cantor’s grandfather’s headstone

In attendance:
Barbara and Mitchell Greene
Wilma and Arthur Epstein
Steve and Dottie Cantor
Phil Cantor (NJ)
Max Liebersohn
Sandy and Linda Hornick
Ron Jordan
Scott Cantor
Ken Wachtel
Jamie Greenefeld

New business
Hospitality: Sandy says Florence Hornick is recovering from heart surgery, had a valve replaced
World-famous skier Linda Hornick is recovering from an arm broken skiing

New business
Proposal of trip to Ellis Island
Ken says that one-day things should not be for half-decade anniversaries
Ron proposes Ellis Island trip in 2016, May, June

Scott brings up idea of Jewish Museum, Holocaust Museum

Ron also mentions Battery Park picnic idea
Ellis Island has name of ICFS on wall

30 people, Scott proposes each person pay $20, society will pick up rest, everyone bring their own lunch

Date: June 5th, a day that will live in infamy (Ron’s first wedding anniversary), 2016

Scott will check it out online, get back to Phil

Barbara is leaving for Ecuador for dental mission, August 4th-10th

Ken wants to donate $18 to the Jewish war veterans fund, withdraws motion

Scott has 11-month-old grandson, Henry Irwin Cantor
Evan’s son
Daughter has graduated from Columbia, Evan from Ben-Gurion med school

Phil says in his capacity as president of the Business Improvement District, Montclair has been recognized as having the best downtown

Date for next meeting: November 8th

Motion by Scott to adjourn, seconded by Mitchell

Meeting adjourned at 3:35