110th Anniversary Anniversaries

Announcing the 110th Anniversary

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 110th Anniversary is now OPEN!

The Anniversary is Saturday and Sunday, October 28–29, and will take place in various locations around New York City. Already, I’ve heard that cousins will be coming from all over: California, Florida, Massachusetts, Wyoming and, even, New Jersey! Highlights will include a lifetime of memories but also:

  • A kosher family feast at the Wall Street Grill.
  • Explore the new Gilder Center at the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Special kiddush at the only Greek synagogue in the nation.
  • Late-night bowling for those young or young at heart.
  • Tour of Lower East Side to get in touch with our ancestors.
  • And a special Cantor’s Cabaret performance by cousin Craig Pomranz.

There’s even fancy swag to take home too, with a Cantor Family Cookbook, with recipes sent in by yourselves and a print of the iconic poster, “The ICFS View of the World” filling your gift bag.

It’s a full weekend of events, and the Society is picking up most of the bill.

Your payment includes all 6 events!

  • Members: $100
  • Kids 11 & under: $50
  • Non-Members: $250

Register for the 110th Anniversary now!


ICFS 105th Anniversary at the Ballpark


We are going to CitiField to watch the Mets GET CLOBBERED by the Yankees next June 10th. Or, maybe the other way around!

You should come with us. This is our ONE and ONLY celebration of the Society’s 105th Anniversary.

Here’s the deal. The ICFS is an ABSURDLY long-lived “cousins group.” We were CHARTERED (I’m not kidding) by the State of New York in 1913, and may be the oldest such chartered group still eating pastrami twice a year.

YOUNGER COUSINS, LISTEN UP. The guy after whom this Society is named (Israel Cantor) was born in 1831. His father (Yichel Michel — a name that has sadly gone out of style) was born in the 1790s, and played third base for the Minsk Draft Evaders. He just missed the chance to get shot by one of Napoleon’s soldiers on the Russian front. No way do you want to miss the chance to drink beer and discuss this and other aspects of Cantor family history.

We have a SERIOUSLY GOOD DEAL on offer. It’s FIFTY BUCKS a ticket and includes LUNCH, with the Society picking up the rest of the cost (like another $145 per person, so NO COMPLAINING!).

WHY are we doing this? Because WE ARE COUSINS and it’s KIND OF COOL to keep this going. We have rented a PRIVATE ROOM at Citifield and we will GATHER at 11:15 am SHARP in that room for an early lunch and a discussion of TRADITIONAL Cantor Family topics: Lean vs Fatty Pastrami, Traffic, Cemetery maintenance, a bit more on Pastrami, the 10 greatest Jewish baseball players of all time, and why young people should be nice when we ask for help using our smart phones.

OKAY. I really hope a lot of us will do this. If you aren’t sure whether this is a good idea, send an e-mail to SANDY HORNICK, whose love for the hapless Mets knows no bounds. He believes that if enough COUSINS agree to attend the game, GOD herself will be happy and three more excellent CUBAN players will join the METS next year before the government ends all visas for any Latinos who can hit for average AND power.

For out-of towners, it is worth a trip to the Big Apple for this.

Call or write with any questions.

Your planning Committee:
Phil Cantor
Barbara Greene
Sandy Hornick
Scott Berman
Dan Cantor

100th Anniversary

ICFS in the Jewish Daily Forward

Florence Hornick at the 100th Anniversary
Florence Hornick at the 100th Anniversary/Photo by Johnna Kaplan

The JEWISH DAILY FORWARD website today has a wonderful and heartwarming story about the 100th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society. The newspaper had sent a reporter who interviewed various members and observed the shenanigans on Saturday.

Shouts-out to Florence, Sandy, Mikhail, Dan, Libby, John, and Tess for giving such pithy and cool quotes.

100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary is history!

The 100th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society was held August 23-25, 2013. Read all about it!!!  CLICK HERE

or on above MENUS.


Cantors afloat at the ICFS 95th Anniversary

The 95th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society was held on the S.S. Cabaret on a spectacularly beautiful fall Sunday. The boat left Pier 81 for a brunch cruise that sailed down the Hudson River around the tip of Manhattan and up the East River to the United Nations providing us with amazing views of the three major bridges, the “Waterfalls” art installation, the Brooklyn waterfront, Governor’s Island, and, of course, close-ups of Ellis Island, where our ancestors landed.

The Society thanks Larry Becker, Phil Cantor, Ron Jordan, and Madeline Cantor for their hard work in putting the trip together and to making it a success. The 95th Anniversary will be difficult to top… the planners of the 100th have their hands full to top this incredible afternoon.

Keep reading to see lots of photos and read reports from three members.


90th Anniversary ICFS Reunion!

The 90th Anniversary of the Israel Cantor Family Society was held at Kutsher’s Country Club, in Monticello, New York on June 27 to June 29, 2003.
Over eighty family members attended from all over the United States. There were relatives who have newly joined the Society, including Boris, Mikhail, and Sophia, all who have immigrated from Belarussia. Their presence reminds us all of Israel Cantor’s momentous journey almost a century ago.

There was a softball game (we won), a volleyball game (we won, again), a living family tree, letters of congratulations from President George W. Bush and Governor George Pataki, bad jokes at the nightclub, watered-down drinks, a giant group portrait, and huge quantities of mediocre food.