Hello! Yes I mean you, Mr. or Ms. Cantor Family member.

You probably don’t know me. We both probably have not gone to many family society meetings. Too much to do, people you don’t know. Maybe you don’t have that much interest anymore. We are the oldest chartered family society in New York State. That should mean something. The question for all of us, myself included, is whether it still means enough to keep the society going. At the last meeting people actually talked about whether they should just give up trying to keep the Society going. And yet…..

We are the oldest chartered family society in NY state!

If we can keep it going, no other family society will be able to make that claim!

So I am emailing all of you, to persuade you to come to our next event where we are planning something different: The Cantors are going to hold our 2019 spring event on June 2nd at Belmont Park on Long Island, one of the most famous horse racing tracks in the country. We’ll get to see each other, renew friendships, meet new cousins, and of course do what we do best—eat, talk and have fun. We may even have a race named in our honor (oh, yes we may!). We may get a tour of the paddock area where you can see the horses before the race (oh, yes we may!). 

We will have a special picnic area just for us at the Top of the Stretch, right next to the track. We will picnic, grill (our own food, including Kosher), eat, drink (including our own beer and wine), and adults can gamble on the races. Even if you don’t want to bet, come watch the races. Just by coming out for the day you’ll be a winner!

There is a playground for the kids and you can see the horses before they go out to the track.  So this is definitely a kid-friendly event. They will get a kick when they see the horses start to CANTOR around. (I know you were thinking about that pun…)

The date: Sunday June 2, 2019. 
The time:  Noon to 5. (The races start at 1 PM.)
The location: Belmont is located on the Queens–Nassau border at 2150 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont, NY 11003. 

Check your email and click on the link to tell me if you are thinking of going. No commitment yet. If you need more information tell me that also. Please tell me as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday, March 31, 2019.  I plan to NAG (get it?!) you several times about this.

You can do this. I can do this. We can do this. We only get together twice a year. If we can get more people to come, we can have a fall event that you can help with and then maybe another spring meeting and then…….
But wait. One step at a time. I will be in touch. But make a plan to be there. One Sunday in June is all it takes to keep us going. Come on.

Your not so distant relative,
Lawrence “Seabiscuit” Becker (Amy Hornick’s husband!)
ICFS spring event committee



ICFS Meeting Rescheduled – 11/18

We are postponing the October 28 ICFS meeting due to too few RSVPs.

The fall meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society has been rescheduled for Sandy Hornick’s house in Brooklyn.

Sunday, November 18 at 1pm
142 Park Pl, Park Slope, Brooklyn


ICFS Fall Meeting 2018 on 10/28 [Postponed to 11/18]

Update 10/22: The meeting has been postponed to 11/18 and moved to Sandy Hornick’s. Please RSVP!

The leaves are falling, crisp apples are in the market, and pastrami is in the air.  We’ll be talking about our recent 105th Anniversary held this past June at a Mets–Yankees game (the Mets won) and we’ll discuss upcoming plans. Hope you can make it!

The fall meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society will be held on:
Sunday, October 28, 2018
Ben’s Deli (209 W. 38th Street – Manhattan)
Lunch at 1 pm, Meeting starts at 2 pm. $10 per person… the Society picks up the rest of the bill.

Be there or be square,
Your cousin, Phil


Florence Hornick 1923-2018

Portrait of Florence Hornock

Florence Adele Hornick

December 15, 1923 – May 27, 2018

Florence Hornick passed away on Sunday May 27, 2018 at the age of 94. Her life is remembered below by her son, Sandy, and granddaughter, Meredith.


Sandy Hornick, Son
June 29, 2018

Florence and Joseph with Meredith Hornick, October 19, 1982

I recall sitting at a funeral with my dad where the rabbi told a story of a 70-year old man distraught at the funeral of his 90-something year old mother. His rabbi asked why he was so inconsolable. The rabbi noted that his mother had lived a very long and full life in good health to the end.  The mourner replied, “Today I am an orphan.”

Today, Marc, Amy and I are orphans.


ICFS 105th Anniversary at the Ballpark


We are going to CitiField to watch the Mets GET CLOBBERED by the Yankees next June 10th. Or, maybe the other way around!

You should come with us. This is our ONE and ONLY celebration of the Society’s 105th Anniversary.

Here’s the deal. The ICFS is an ABSURDLY long-lived “cousins group.” We were CHARTERED (I’m not kidding) by the State of New York in 1913, and may be the oldest such chartered group still eating pastrami twice a year.

YOUNGER COUSINS, LISTEN UP. The guy after whom this Society is named (Israel Cantor) was born in 1831. His father (Yichel Michel — a name that has sadly gone out of style) was born in the 1790s, and played third base for the Minsk Draft Evaders. He just missed the chance to get shot by one of Napoleon’s soldiers on the Russian front. No way do you want to miss the chance to drink beer and discuss this and other aspects of Cantor family history.

We have a SERIOUSLY GOOD DEAL on offer. It’s FIFTY BUCKS a ticket and includes LUNCH, with the Society picking up the rest of the cost (like another $145 per person, so NO COMPLAINING!).

WHY are we doing this? Because WE ARE COUSINS and it’s KIND OF COOL to keep this going. We have rented a PRIVATE ROOM at Citifield and we will GATHER at 11:15 am SHARP in that room for an early lunch and a discussion of TRADITIONAL Cantor Family topics: Lean vs Fatty Pastrami, Traffic, Cemetery maintenance, a bit more on Pastrami, the 10 greatest Jewish baseball players of all time, and why young people should be nice when we ask for help using our smart phones.

OKAY. I really hope a lot of us will do this. If you aren’t sure whether this is a good idea, send an e-mail to SANDY HORNICK, whose love for the hapless Mets knows no bounds. He believes that if enough COUSINS agree to attend the game, GOD herself will be happy and three more excellent CUBAN players will join the METS next year before the government ends all visas for any Latinos who can hit for average AND power.

For out-of towners, it is worth a trip to the Big Apple for this.

Call or write with any questions.

Your planning Committee:
Phil Cantor
Barbara Greene
Sandy Hornick
Scott Berman
Dan Cantor


Fall 2017 ICFS Meeting on 11/12

The leaves are falling, crisp apples are in the market, and pastrami is in the air.

The fall meeting of the Israel Cantor Family Society will be held on 
SUNDAY, November 12, 2017
BEN’S DELI (209 W. 38th Street • Manhattan)
Lunch at 1 pm
Meeting starts at 2 pm
$10 per person…the Society picks up the rest of the bill.


5/21 – Spring 2017 ICFS Meeting

The next meeting of the ISRAEL CANTOR FAMILY SOCIETY will be on: 
SUNDAY, MAY 21, 2017
209 W. 38th Street in Manhattan
Lunch at 1 pm Meeting starts at 2 pm
$10 per person…the Society picks up the rest of the bill.

I hope you can make it!

The Society needs your help! We need technical help setting up dues collection software, website design and committee volunteers. Please contact via email to learn more. 

Member News

Craig Pomranz Live

Family Society member, Craig Pomranz, will be reprising his wonderful show in NYC next week. He recently returned from a successful engagement in London and he brings his special talents to the New York nightlife scene at the Cafe Noctambulo on May 2. I’ve been to a couple of his shows, and they are a BLAST!
Click here for the details.


ICFS Spring Meeting and Field Trip

Our next meeting is Sunday, June 5, 2016 at 1 pm at Ben’s Deli (209 West 38th, Manhattan). $10 per person. Meeting starts at 2pm. We will be planning our September SPECIAL event (see below). Please RSVP.


We are having an ICFS field trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum in lower Manhattan for a private tour and lunch on Sunday, Sept 18.  This should be a fascinating view of this wonderful museum. Look for more information in your email inbox in the next weeks and put it on your calendar.


A new website for a new century

Now that the first hundred years have passed on the Family Society. I thought it was important that we have a website the doesn’t look like it was made in 1913. Not only is the new site easier on the eyes, but it’s much easier to maintain and to post new items. This means you can expect more frequent updating and more Cantor family news, so check back often! I’m still working on migrating some of the old stuff (I’m sure you’re all dying to check out past meeting minutes) but most of the good things are there.

See you at Ben’s in the fall!