ICFS Meeting Minutes: 6/5/2016

June 5th, 2016
Meeting called at 2:18pm 
18 people present:

Barbara Greene
Mitchell Greene
Scott Cantor
Wilma Epstein
Arthur Epstein
Phil Cantor
Ethan Cantor
Ron Jordan
Sara Berman
Sandy Hornick
David Berman
Josh Berman
Scott Berman
Robyn Berman
Ari Berman
Allysa Berman
Ken Wachtell

Reading of minutes by Scott Cantor

Sarah Berman reports her heart feels great after having issues.

Minutes accepted as corrected

Financial Report
Account Balance: $10,724.14
Investment Account: $26,261.23

Scott acknowledges Phil’s hardwork of collecting the dues.

Hospitaler report (via email by Marc Hornick. Read by Phil Cantor):

Arthur Epstein was in the hospital for 4 months but is all clear now.

Florence Hornick broke her knee and then had a minor stroke in the hospital. Slight speech issues but otherwise alright. She’s home now and has an aid working for her.

Dennis & Mary Lou Gladstone have sold their house and moved to Boca Raton.

Jaime Feld (Mitchell & Barbara’s daughter) is pregnant – due in September.

Aaron Hornick & girlfriend are pregnant – due in Septembet. They have plans to get married.

Tess Liebersohn just finished hiking 902 miles on Appalachian trail—North Carolina to New Jersey. She wore thru 3 pairs of boots.

Barbar Greene is leaving for Ecuador for 2nd annual trip Doctors without Borders on June 21st.

Discussed the trip to the Jewish Heritage Museum on September 18th. Tour at 1pm, Lunch at 4 pm

Caterer— Village Crown. Either Meat or Dairy.
Roughly $10-20 per person
30 person minimum.

Private tour is $450.

Show of hands to determine interest—about 14 people raised hands

Passes by popular acclimation.

NJ Cemetary—Side entry way is falling apart. It would cost $1000 to fix. Maybe close that entrance all together because it is hardly used?

Open discussion on: What is the role of the society in the future?

Mitchell- Make it 2 social eventa  year and have a meeting there?

Phil—running the cemetery?

Ron will look into the state rules on long term maintenance of cemetery plots.

Motion to establish a “future” committee to formulate procedures for cemetery use & maintenance organization of the ICFS meetings, social events.

Legal rules governing cemeteries in NY & NJ.

Ron to makes cemetery procedure manual.

Futures Committee:
Scott Berman
Robyn Bernan
David Berman
Julie Cantor (lawyer)
Ron Jordan
Sandy Hornick.

After the meeting: Ethan said maybe the solution is creating a fund to for more casual social events like karaoke or pick up basketball to get young people meeting each other.